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St Aldhelms Pharmacy Tel: 01373 455436

Prescription collection, contacting us, Home Deliveries and coronavirus


Collecting prescriptions and contacting the pharmacy
We remain very busy at the moment with large numbers of prescriptions that we are processing as quickly as we can.  We have lost several members of staff to isolation but are still managing to turn around a very large volume of prescriptions in close to our normal time.

We fully appreciate that contacting us is challenging - every day we are doing close to 200 and processing 1000 prescription items which means there are alot of people trying to contact us for queries and to confirm their prescription is being processed. This results in the phone being engaged alot, and also means one or more of our staff members are on the phone rather than preparing prescriptions for you - as we are so short on staff this is not a good use of their time and expertise.


How to contact us
We realise you have questions and queries that we need to answer for you, and have been working hard to put in a system to provide this.

- you are very welcome to phone us, but we understand the frustration of a continuously engaged number.
- some people are emailing us, which is fine as well but we only get around to looking at emails at best once a day.
- the best way is to text us.  To improve communication we have put in a system where when you send us a text message it will appear within a few seconds on our computer screens for our team to look at and action as soon as they have time. This means that you dont waste time on the phone, and we can ensure the best person answers your question.

To have this happen, send us a text starting with the word QUERY or a ? mark  to
07510 548119  Examples are:

QUERY  Do you have my prescription from the GP yet?
? I have not received my Salbutamol. Have you received a prescription for it.

If you have registered for our messaging service, thats all you need to do. We will know who you are from your phone number.
If you have NOT registered for our messaging service, you will need to add your name and DOB... otherwise we wont know who you are! It would be really helpful to us if you registered for our messaging service before sending a query - it reduces our workload, which is really important as we are short-staffed due to the pandemic and anything that allows us to answer more queries in less time is helpful.
Where to text: send query messages to our messaging service number 
07510 548119

Getting information from us about your prescription
We know alot of queries we get are about whether we have received a prescription request from your doctor or nurse, and whether we are in the process of sorting it out for you.
By texting the word INFO to our messaging service number, you will get a reply by email or text (whichever you have chosen) telling you when the most recent prescription request was received, if there are any delays in getting supplies, and if your prescription is ready for collection. It will also tell you whether you are down for delivery. For this to work you need to register for our messaging service first!

Opening times
Please note that are opening times are now
                Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm  , and we are closed between 1 and 2 pm.
                Saturday 9 to 12pm.
This is to manage the fact we are significantly understaffed, and allow us to catch up with our workload.
These opening times will continue until further notice.

Home Deliveries

There are a very large number of people having to self-isolate in Frome, and we are committed to ensuring everyone gets medications when they are needed. We have had a great response from the Frome community, and many drivers from Frome Community Cars have been able to provide us with several very generous drivers who are willing to help.
In the first instance please ask family and friends to collect medications (and other supplies) on your behalf. Frome has a very supportive community, and neighbours and carers may well be able to help those of us who cannot leave our houses.

For those without access to community support register for deliveries by clicking and completing the form Home Delivery Registration
When we have registered you, any prescriptions already prepared or waiting for collection will be delivered instead.

When you no longer need home deliveries
When you are able to start collecting your prescriptions again please let us know by completing this form so we can update your records.

Prescription turnaround times

Normally we will have repeat prescriptions ready 24 to 48 hours after we receive the prescription from your doctor, depending on whether medicines need to be ordered in. Please be aware that our 'turnaround time' for prescriptions is going to be longer than normal because of increased demand, supply issues and reduced staffing levels - it may also take longer for your doctors surgery to get the prescription to us  in the first place for the same reasons, and we cant start to prepare your medicines until we receive a prescription.
We will get your prescription ready for collection or delivered, but cannot guarantee this is done as quickly as you may wish or are normally used to. Because of the uncertainty of how long it will take, we recommend you register for our texting service which will let you know when your medicines are ready.

 Delivery Queries

If you are expecting a delivery and it has not happened within a reasonable length of time, we would ask you to try NOT to phone the pharmacy for any issues regarding deliveries - please text instead , starting your message with the word QUERY.
We are committed to providing as good a service as we possibly can over the next few weeks and months.


Updated: 21/04/2020

to let you know when your prescriptions are ready

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